Helps Fight Cancer

Helps Fight Cancer
• The olive tree is a plant with medicinal effect;
Hardly no other plant has ever received such recognition and reference as the olive tree and its products.
• Oliveoil:
– 9 Kcal per gram – High content of unsaturated fatty acids (up to 80%)
– No cholesterol
– 12 milligrams of the important antioxidant vitamin E (polyphenols) per 100 grams
– Oleocanthal, very anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect can only be found in olive oil
• Antioxidants prevent harmful oxidation processes with a significant positive effect on our health.
• Protection from cancer
• Protection from heart disease
• Reduces unwanted LDL cholesterol and improves the ratio between LDL and HDL cholesterol.
• Reduces blood pressure
• Positive effect on metabolism
• Reduces the risk of diabetes and also prevents atherosclerosis
• The most efficient are olive oil of the highest quality as well as the cold pressed extra virgin olive oil