Extra Virgin


Harvesting takes place from mid-October to early November. Agriculturalists, who examine the olive trees and their crop throughout the year, indicate the most appropriate maturity stage which would yield the highest possible quality and the lowest possible acidity rate. Olives are transferred on the same day from the grove to the oil-press where olive oil is produced through mechanical only processing, mainly by means of cold pressing (<27°C).
Then, the product is stored in indoor privately-owned stainless steel tanks where it is preserved in optimal conditions. Our production of olive oil is 80 to 100 tons annually. Olive oil filtration consists of three stages: firstly, in the tank through cotton wool filters; then, the olive oil is removed from the tank starting from the upper levels and only up to the level that can guarantee the high quality Eleia pledges; the final stage of filtration takes place during bottling with the use of paper filters. Acidity rate is 0.25-0.35%. What’s more, the acidity rate of one-year-old olive oil does not exceed 0.45%! All other chemical analyses our olive oil is subject to also yield impressive results.