Our Place

Our Place
God has blessed our land.
  • God has blessed the ground, has sent the air, has given us water.
  • Our land is our canvas. Our fruits remain our paintings.
  • Our materials are divine.
  • That is how we created our olive grove.
  • We painted it.
  • Location of the olive grove is in Lechaina, Ilia, in the Toumba area.
  • Our ancestors planted the very first trees, back in the beginning of the previous century, putting their great efforts.
  • Unlike other olive groves, the distance among our trees is long, leaving a huge space for their rooting zone.
  • The combination of the sea breeze and the quality of the ground
  • makes our olive grove unique.
  • Over the last years, more than 40.000 olive trees have been planted making our olive grove the biggest in Greece.
  • Our painting has grown big and shall be waiting for you.